Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

Welcome to the Batu Mulia Jewelry

For you lovers luster Noble Stone. We tried to present in your midst to provide comfort in adding to insight about your dream collection of precious stones.

This website gives a detailed explanation about precious stones from various perspectives, whether it knows the types of rocks and their characteristics (which include the nature, the value of hard rock, heavy rock and levels), as well as the nature of the stone for the wearer.

Besides, it also presented the history of precious stones are legendary to this day like The Drasden, Mongol Great Diamond, Diamond Orlow and much more.

This website is designed to provide instructions and guidance, and understanding of rocks, with the hope that they do not get lost.

We realize that the website is far from perfect, but we believe that this website can help you increase knowledge about rocks or gems.

Criticism and suggestions we received to increase your comfort in exploring the information on our website.

Best wishes.